🍑Peach for the Stars Whole Peach Pie

🍑🥧Life’s a peach then u pie, a pie around a whole peach stuffed with dulce de leche🔪. A 3D pie – how cool is that?. Why ARE pies flat🤔?! Always peach for the stars!

Take a deseeded, de-skinned peach (How to remove peach skin: https://tangi.co/v/D4iTGTgXsYX1HBLKVPrm)
Stuff with dulce de leche (recipe: https://tangi.co/v/FYhm3vg1VRyUEPMsOMzV)

– You can use any pie/croissant dough, mine is flaky galette
– Roll out to 1/8-1/4″
– Place peach giving at least 3″ dough all the way around peach – 1/4 circle shape works.
– 2 ways to wrap: top down or bottoms down. I personally like top side down – keeps top intact
– Wrap dough around peach. Cut & crimp edges with egg wash to reseal
– Smooth seams gently
– Brush with egg wash
– Bake 400′ for 35m
– Serve warm

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