🏵Bread rose, it really did!

Artisan bread in 5 min! Extra crisp crust, tender crumb – tastes like Acme bread. Takes just 5 minutes in the morning, then set it and forget it. Mix it in the morning, let rise on counter for 10hrs, pop into oven after work. (Tap the Tangi logo to play the video recipe.)

3c artisan bread flour
.5t yeast
2t sea salt
1.5c lukewarm water
– Mix all & cover with a showercap (recycle!)
– Let sit 10 hrs
– Preheat oven to 500 w dutch oven
– Shape bread – pull bread into a tight ball. It’ll start oozing of air bubbles if it’s really happy!
– Dig your finger in the middle and stretch center out (like u would for bagels)
– Cut edges like an episode and pull outwards
– Bake 15-20m covered at 500
– Remove lid when lightly brown
– Finish baking 15-20m more at 460

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